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Last week I visited the International Animation Festival in Annecy, France. No idea why I decided to make a journal about it a few days later, I always have trouble with writing interesting journals! And that's why I'm an animator and not a writer :) (Poor fans of my fanfiction though). 

Anyway, it was tons of fun. I saw soooo many movies, shorts and even famous animators and directors. While unfortuantly Minions and Inside Out were sold out (Going to watch the latter one tomorrow, yay!) I did manage to get into many Keynotes, Work-in-Progress and Behind the Scenes conferences. I saw Jorge Gutierrez (Director of The Book of Life and El Tigre), Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory, Hotel Transylvania), Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabit, The Thief and the Cobbler) and many more up close. Even got to ask a few of them some questions. My favorite parts had to be where we got to see new footage no one else had seen before from The Good Dinosaur, The Peanuts movie and Zootopia. And I'm telling you, Zootopia is going to be a blast. I'm not giving any big spoilers, only that there is one hilarious scene involving sloths. Can't wait to see it!

Gutierrez has got to be the funniest director I've ever met. His Behind the Scenes talk was hilarious. He described his 'terrible'pitch' with Guillermo Del Toro and told a story about his tequila soaked script. Quoting Del Toro: *Smells script* 'This is a good script!' 
Not everyone has talent with telling stories (there were a few conferences where the speaker didn't even talk proper English), but Gutierrez in one of the best storytellers out there. I got the opportunity to ask him a question, plus he signed my sketchbook and I got to take a picture with him :D

Richard Williams is a sweet, older gentleman. I got his autograph as well, but I didn't take a picture with him because he had already taken so many pictures. I mean, the guy is 82! I would've felt bad if I asked him to get out of his seat again. I did get to tell him that his Animator Survival Kit book helped me a lot with my school projects and he was happy to hear that.

At the moment I'm almost finished with some fan-art for the movie Mune: Guardian of the Moon. It was the last film I saw that week and while it has a predictable story, the visuals are wonderful and it has enough 'mature' elements at the end to make it interesting. You should definitely check it out. Also keep an eye out for: April and the Twisted World. It's beautifully animated in 2D (yay!) with computer elements in it, the style reminds me a bit of Tintin and the story is original, a bit silly, and more adult-orientated (a bit like Triplets of Belleville imo )

Hopefully I can go again next year!
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A third year student in animation. My current obsession now is the Cornetto Trilogy.

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Thanks for the fav!
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Mohegan..not sure if you will sE's this bYt I wish you all the best next year in school..its okay if you fail..You worked hard and life isn't always perfect but you gotta keep pushing forward and believe in your art and abilities and why you are passionate about animation in the fiRST place. I'm sorry you were mocked and that people thought you were making Hp excuses.. pay no attention to their mean hate..they are dealing with stuff themselves or are jealous of you or want to just take it out Oj You. You are a beautiful person hon. All the best to you and school and your future whatever it may be❤happy summer
Mohegan567 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Student Filmographer
Wow, thank you so much for this sweet comment. I have no words for it! Don't worry, I'm feeling much better now and comments like these have helped a lot. Thank you once again! :hug:
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I'm like so Bappy you're happy. Lol autocorrect♡♡stay amazing and I'm glad..there's always faith in life just kewp bein awesome and livin because you're doin great♡
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Happy Happy Birthday, Mohegan dear!
Happy days will come to you all year!
If I had one wish then it would be
A Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!

Happy Birthday, my friend!!!  ^__^ :party:

Mohegan567 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Filmographer
Thank you very much, my friend! Lovely poem! :hug:

And yes, my webcam! But I have that one for a year or so already, haha :D
Contraltissimo Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
*lol* I need to visit your page more. :laughing:

It were a birthday song I learned in church as a child. :giggle: Fun one! :la:
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Happy Birthday!
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Cx Welcome!
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